Brand: Nautel

Nautel is the world’s largest manufacturer of radio broadcast transmitters with more than 16,000 deployments in 177 countries. Check them out. They’re awesome.

I began working for Nautel in 2011. They had a strong existing brand and wanted an update of their overall identity. They hired me and my design partner at the time to create a new look for their current materials a well as all new communications moving forward.

In the years since, I have created materials for Nautel including: brochures, digital and print ads, trade show displays, websites, and promotional items.


Web Graphics

Worry-Free transmission banner
Worry-Free Homepage Banner
NX Series Web Banner
NX Series Homepage Banner
AUI Web Banner
AUI HomePage Banner


Print Ads

Worry Free Transmission Ad
Radio World Magazine, 2018
NX Series Ad with Solt Transmitter
Radio World Magazine, 2018
Multi Product Ad for Nauel
In Broadcast Magazine, 2017
Product Teaser Ad
Radio Magazine Teaser Ad, 2014
VS Series Digital eBook Ad
VS Series eBook Ad, 2017


NS Series Print Ad
Radio World Magazine, 2016
GV30N Ad
Broadcaster Magazine, 2016
Nautel Sonar Ad
Trident Ad, 2017


Trade Shows

Nautel participates in a number of trade shows throughout the world including NAB Las Vegas, Broadcast Asia, BES India, CABSAT, IBC, and more. Each show requires visual materials including some or all of the following: booth backgrounds, signs, podium wraps, handouts, promotional items, and screen graphics.

Trade Show Booth
NAB Show 2018
Trade Show Video Screen
NAB Show 2018 – Video Screen Graphic
Backwall Graphics
NAB Show 2018 – Wall Graphics
Big AM NX Series Wall
NAB Show 2018 – Wall Graphics
HD Multicast Photo
NAB Show 2018 – Product Label
Invites and Product Cards
NAB Show 2016 – Promotional Items
Display graphic with inset monitor
NAB Show 2013 – Display Graphic
Beer mug with nautel logo
NAB Show 2014 – Beer Mug with Anniversary Logo
AM Power Savings Sign
NAB Show 2014 – Callout Sign
Sign, Invite, Coaster, Cards
NAB Show 2014 – Promotional Items
Coaster Design
NAB Show 2014 – Promotional Coaster
Pop up display design
Trade Show Pop Up 2015
Product backdrop
EZ Tube Display Graphic 2017
Nautel Sonar Design
DSEI Trade Show Backdrop 2017


For more images of Nautel trade show displays, see my Photography page.


Nautel has a wide range of products, each requiring information brochures with photos, specs, and updates.

Update of GV Series Brochure
GV Series Brochure Cover
Update of GV Series Brochure
GV Series Brochure Outside
Update of GV Series Brochure
GV Series Brochure Inside


NX Series Cover Update
NX Series Brochure Cover
NX Series Outside Update
NX Series Brochure Outside
NX Series Inside Update
NX Series Brochure Inside
Updated NVLT Series Brochure
NVLT Series Brochure Cover
Updated NVLT Series Brochure
NVLT Series Brochure Outside
Updated NVLT Series Brochure
NVLT Series Brochure Inside


Nautel Nav Offshore Brochure Cover Update
Nautel Nav Offshore Brochure Cover
Nautel Nav Land Based Brochure Cover Update
Nautel Nav Land Based Brochure Cover


Brand Extensions

Graphics, Word-marks, and Logos that maintain Nautel’s brand colours, typography, and overall look.

CR Free Leaf logo with text
Chromium Free Product Label
eBooks icon
Internet Icon
45th anniversary coaster design
Coaster Design
Coffee Mug Graphic
In House Motivational Graphic


Nautel Word Cloud
Tote Bag Silkscreen Graphic
Frequency Chart design
T-Shirt Design
Nautel Crew T-Shirt
T-Shirt Design


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