Your logo is where it all begins. It creates the first impression. It tells people who you are. It makes you memorable.

I have two goals when designing a logo. Number one, to give you a final design that you are proud to put forth and represent your company. Number two, to design a logo that functions well across a variety of formats.

For goal one, it all starts with a meeting. I get to know you, your business, and what you envision in an end result. My process starts with sketches, then concepts, until we reach a final design that works for you.

Secondly, your logo may need to be seen in a variety of mediums; on the web, in print, on signage, on vehicles, and/or uniforms. I consider all these applications when developing concepts so your logo will be effective and easy to reproduce no matter where it’s displayed.

My Logo Design Package includes:

Colour Version
Your final logo design with selected Pantone colours.

Negative Version
For the times you have to display your logo on a dark background.

Black and White Version
Though the need to display in only black and white isn’t as common as it used to be, a logo that functions in black and white is still important. If a logo doesn’t work in black and white, it’s not a successful design. Plus, a black and white version lends well to vinyl cutting, embroidery, and embossing.

Web Icon
This will be a simplified version of your logo, or a portion of it, that will work within a square format and display well near your web address and in search results.

All Necessary File Formats
You’ll be provided with all the formats you’ll need for web display, high-res printing, and vinyl cutting.

File Consultation
A sit-down meeting to review file formats, and answer questions.

Logo Designs

ZipSure Logo Design

ZipSure White Logo

ZipSure Black and White Logo

ZipTenant Logo


A. P. Reid Commercial Main Logo

A. P. Reid Commercial White Logo

A. P. Reid Commercial Black Logo

A. P. Reid Commercial Logo Alternate



Caterpillar Downeast in the Midwest

Downeast in the Midwest White Logo Design

Downeast in the Midwest Black Logo Design

Downeast in the Midwest Alternate Symbol



MyGroup Auto and Home Insurance Color Logo

MyGroup Auto and Home Insurance White Logo

MyGroup Auto and Home Insurance Black Logo

MyGroup Auto and Home Insurance Alternate Logo

Creative Agency Logo

Agency Logo Brand

Clarke MacDonald Logo Design

Clarke MacDonald Logo Design


AL's Attic Main Logo

AL's Attic White Logo

AL's Attic Black Logo

AL's Attic Self Storage Alternative logo

Primary Sports Logo Design

White Sports Logo Design

Black Sport Logo

Sports Logo Design



Additional Logos








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