I do illustrations for children’s books as well as commercial projects.

If you are a publisher looking for someone to illustrate an upcoming project, I’d love to hear from you. I’m experienced in the process of working towards a final published piece and understand the “sketches then drafts then final” method of creating a finished illustration.

If you are a company looking for an alternative to photography as a means of conveying your messaging, then illustration can be a great choice. Mascots, info graphics, colorful concepts, educational images, and icons are some of the many ways illustration can enhance your overall brand.



Lilly: First Novels Series

8 Illustrated Novels
Formac Publishing
2004 – 2013

Lilly Babysits Her Brother

Below are a selection of illustrations from the Lilly Series. Click any image to enlarge and activate slideshow.


SideStreets YA Series

18 Book Covers –  Photo-Illustrations and Design
Lorimer Publishing
1999 – 2007

Series of Book Cover Photo Illustration Designs


Indepenent Children’s Book

I illustrated author Tasha Richard’s self-published book, The Magic Family Box in 2014. A worthwhile experience with an opportunity to develop some interesting characters with heart.

Christmas Themed Cover Illustration
The Magic Family Box Book Cover, 2014

To see the inside single-page and spread illustrations, click any image below to open up the gallery.